*better understanding *better treatments

*better lives

By gaining a better understanding of autism through research scientists will be able to develop better treatments than are currently available.
These treatments will help people with autism have better lives and consequently help the families of those impacted by autism.

Upcoming Events


Walk for Autism 2021

We are excited to announce the BioAutism Walk for Autism on the 21st March, please join us for a family and dog friendly day at Princes Park Coffee, hot choc, and face painting at the finis…

Our Mission


Government funding for basic autism research in Australia is very limited. We need your support so that scientists can help find the causes of autism, and produce better diagnostic tools and treatments than are currently available.

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We Need Your Support

In 2019 it is estimated that about 3,000 babies will be born in Australia with autism adding to the existing autistic population of about 240,000.


Community Engagement

BioAutism seeks to engage with the community through a number of events each year. These events include an annual walk and film night as well as public events such as fun runs that give supporters the opportunity to support this cause.


Scientific Advisory Committee

BioAutism has set up a Scientific Advisory Committee which assists the charity to identify high quality autism research projects and to facilitate the establishment of cooperative autism research studies.


Tax deduction for donations

BioAutism has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status in Australia which means that Australian taxpayers can receive a tax deduction for donations. 


Supporting Autism Research

BioAutism is the only charity in Australia which is dedicated towards raising funds for research which furthers the understanding of autism and its causes.

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BioAutism relies completely on volunteers and funds its lean operations through events and business sponsors. This ensures that 100% of donations made through this website go directly towards funding autism research.    

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