Submission to Select Committee on Autism

August 17, 2020, by michael

BioAutism recently made a submission to the Australian Government Select Committee on Autism that advocates for more government funding for autism research. The submission can be found here and includes a number of recommendations in response to the Committee's Terms of Reference. Our main recommendations are:

  • the establishment of a National Autism Register (similar to the existing Western Australian Autism Register) in order to keep track of numbers in real time, so that Governments at all levels can formulate policy with regard to education, employment and care requirements with confidence
  • that the existing biobank established by the Cooperative Research Centre for Autism should be expanded in capacity in order to accommodate and analyse a substantial increase in biological specimens
  • an extra $300 million of government spending on autism research as well as to support the above initiatives.

The Select Committee on Autism was set up by the Federal Government in November 2019 to inquire into and report on the services, support and life outcomes for autistic people. The committee is to present its final report on or before the first sitting day of October 2021.